Singapore language organization &   Global Hindi Foundation  aim to create an international platform for Tamil , Hindi and Indigenous languages which are getting lost due to lack of resources & for connecting the world with the rich Indian literature & language in a an engaging manner.


Mission + Vision

To establish annual programs and competitions for promoting learning Indian languages globally and understanding of Indian heritage, culture and history.

To promote interest in Indian culture through workshops, camps, local & global competition & award presentation.


Global  community  for building  ......Indigenous  Languages & Literature

To seek support from individuals, media academic, social and political institutions.

To invite vernacular writers, philosophers and poets to disseminate their works, expertise and talents.

21 MILLION Overseas Indians , Our Hope and Strength

Divided as we are by our distinct languages and cultures, we do share a common concern: the quality of the teaching and learning of mother tongues and means to be connected with the heritage. Throughout the world, education systems are confronted with major challenges. Societal demands for literacy and communicative competence are growing and at the same time, there is an increase in the cultural and linguistic heritage.



Registration Fee

Building “COMMUNITY WEALTH”   and promote Indigenous Languages Globally

Respect, preserve and understand own culture and contribute towards the Community development.

Confident communication among participants.



Believing in the Gandhi’s philosophy of “Being the change we want to see”, to prepare even a non native speaker to Speak ,Read and write Hindi effectively .

Knowledge Grows when shared , this is the first step to make Hindi & Tamil  Language learning simple and easy to use  whether it is for connecting to Indian heritage for Pleasure,Business or just for the love of speaking right. To really understand a culture, you need to understand its language, and it may be that, by increasing interest in Indian culture, the  Bollywood & Tamil film & television industry is  inspiring many to learn the Indian language.

We are helping people acquire basic Hindi communication skills, understand Indian heritage and providing employment for Native Hindi teachers. This  is my dedication Dr.Minu Dastur to create employment and sustainable livelihood for underprivileged and making a difference in their lives.

My wish is to establish an inclusive community where each member feels happy, welcomed, respected and valued. It is within this environment that love for the language  develops, acceptance of individual differences, and a lifelong passion for learning is nurtured

We aspire to do this so successfully that we make a difference in the lives of children and families and in the communities where we live and work. It is our goal to provide a solid foundation for each learner of Hindi.